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In a dream in a happy house

Shellter Artist Collective (S/TAC)

Limerick City Gallery

20 June –
26 Augist 2024  


 ‘In a Dream in a Happy House’ is S/TAC’s third show to date and their first show that focuses solely on the collective itself rather than through the lens of a historical collection or role as artistic shelter. Once again, S/TAC zones in on the emotional and psychological theme of shelter but this time sets it in a more ominous expression; one of confinement, duty, expectation and the delusions of domestic bliss.  Taking inspiration in the title from the 1980s Siouxsie and the Banshees track ‘Happy House’, which is both an ironic take and a protest against an ideal of domesticity.

Shellter Artist Collective (S/TAC) is:
Diana Copperwhite, Allyson Keehan
Niamh McGuinne, Sharon Murphy, Geraldine O’Neill.

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