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Featured work in ‘Desiring Drapery’,
RHA 192nd Annual Exhibition

May 2022
‘Desiring Drapery’ is this year’s commissioned essay by Dr Alyson Keehan, for the RHA annual Exhibition catalogue. Her insightful critical work features art from a wide range of artists, including me, who employ textiles, costumes, materials, drapes in their work. 

Artists include: Aideen Barry, Susan Connolly, Amanda Coogan, Naomi Draper, Allyson Keehan, Mick O’Dea, Geraldine O Neill, Rajinder Singh, Jennifer Trouton. My work from the series ︎Intervals is featured.

You can read the essay ︎here.

Image: Untitled I from ‘Intervals’ (2014/2015).

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